Live 2010

by Yuki Yuki Yasumi

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released February 14, 2015

Miyuki Yuketsu - vocals, Rubik Framboise - Drums, Steve Romano - Guitar, Andy Barndt - bass



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Yuki Yuki Yasumi Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sometimes funky, Japanese-influenced electronic dance metal ready to slaughter your eardrums with shiny guitar riffs, wailin' vocals, and catchy-ass "Yukibeats". Love love para headbang high energy explosion rhythm!

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Track Name: S.O.S. (Natsu Yasumi)
How can I brave another morning tuned in to her resonance?
How can I carry on, never again to return to innocence?
In this still frame, a sketching of your madness
It's all you ever wanted. It's all that's crumbling.

I can see them floating around me
In this fading out existence
I can hear them cheering for me
I think I'm going to change (the world).

はるひ, can't you see the walls are falling?
Are we just your playthings? Can't you hear us calling?
But, I won't let melancholy spoil my 夏休み.

The words seem to bleed the walls dry of every emotion.
I'm falling through. I'm falling. There's nothing left to do.
So much for friends, so much for boredom,
so much for time, now it's gone.
Now she's gone, but I'm not ready to move on.

But I won't let melancholy spoil my 夏休み.
僕たち の 恋 いつ まで も...
I'm never going to break your heart.
I'm going to shatter illusion with just one kiss.
Track Name: Junk
I feel the cool summer night clamor the beat of my heart.
Might it be the start of a new beginning. Or just a passing thought.
I'll never be a work of art, weather beaten and tattered, hiding the
character I lack. All that I lack.
Exposed for all to see what I am, who I am, everyone knows me, and how my
life should be, except for me.
If I could cash in on the knowledge of the universe, I would probably
remained vexed and perplex my mind forever...

Intoxicated... let these spores open the doors to the fears we won't
In the end we all die never to get an explanation of why,
and in minds To blind to realize that of lives are merely what they are.
Merely who we are. what we are.

I don't want to be the object of an addict's obsession,
Or to bear the burden of her dark confessions.
She lies to herself much louder than she could ever lie to me.
She displays her agony for everyone to see.
Exposed for all to feel, the evils of the world that shouldn't be.
If I could escape the cage in which I chose to dwell.
I could probably find resolve from this living hell.

I'm so alone here. But there's no where to turn around.
Just stop and let me hit the ground.

I feel the cold winter night, freezing the heat of my breath.
Might it be the continuation of a suspended state of death?
Six more months encased in an acceptance of lies.
Hiding the character I lack. The spine that I lack. It cracks.
Exposed for only me to see. What I am, who I am, everyone would hate me,
if I decided to be who I want to be.
If I could cash in and leave it all behind forever right now.
I'd just be destined to relive the past forever.

俺 の 内 に 行けない 心 が すき じゃ ない。
今 あんた に ほんと 返りたい よ。
I want to grow, but you'll never let me go.
Track Name: Every Tear That You Wipe Away
I couldn't help but to be senseless
In the moment of your distress.
Sometimes It's so hard to find the words to say.
If I'd have know I'd been so selfish
I might have saw you drowning helpless
But, I wasn't the one there to save the day.

It's now obvious, I see
Your eyes belong to him, not me.
But if you ever change your mind
You'll know where I'll be.

Diving for every tear that you wipe away.
Waiting to catch you when you fall
If shall ever come the day.
Standing by every moment that you slip away.
Won't make the same mistakes again
If you ever come my way.

It's true that my thoughts were careless.
This vanity makes me powerless.
I thought that a song could sweep you away.
When all you wanted was my presence
I was infatuated by your essence
But, I wasn't there for you day by day.

I'm hoping and waiting
Despite the fact that despair consumes me.
Looking for answers
Despite the fact that I am getting nowhere.
I'm looking for answers
In all the wrong places.
Somehow I'm still convinced
That you'll come back when you see me... (fall).
Track Name: Kitsune Udon
Night time. If I snack after midnight, I'm gonna have bad dreams. Dreams so bad, it'll make
me scream.
It's hard to recuperate from a cold sweet, from a lost bet, heavy pet till the futon is wet.
It's the only action you'll get.
She might be refined, processed, preserved, but never canned.
She might spoil if kept overnight, but I don't care I want to be her man.
She's unpasteurized, just how I like it. She's fertilizer and hormone free.
Would you hold the tofu?

Oh... Kitsune Udon,
She's my spicy won-ton
She's got the special sauces that'll get me through the night.

Somethings I don't fully understand, somethings I don't fully recognize.
It's hard to concentrate on anything, with that school girl uniform skirt pulled up above
your thighs.
She might be a Yakuza, I can tell by her missing pinky and by her dragon tattoo,
She might be a Triad, I see her driving the fish truck round town, she might be into voodoo.
Would you hold the noodles?

Oh... Kitsune Udon,
She's my spicy won-ton
She's got that side order of yakitori that'll get me through the night.

She might be a Jersey Devil, or a New York Ranger, or Osaka woman, I'm in love...
Itsu demo ii yo... an homage to camel toe... whatever way the sin blows, nothing really
Can you hold the Bonito Flakes?

Oh... Kitsune Udon,
She's my spicy won-ton
I've got the squeeze bottle of mayonnaise that'll get her through the night.
Oh... tokimeki,
She's my spicy kimchi,
Sore wa chitsu da that'll get me through the night.
Track Name: Runaway Drama
Unobtainable, so you struggle to get me
I'm ignored, until you try to take me
The music doesn't play for you
It just... tells the tale of what is true

I stood alone for so long
Grieving when our day could once be strong

I run away - run away
from your indecisive ways
I tend to ignore - to ignore
what we had and what I thought we'd be

We've got nothing in common
why do I fall so easily?
I sit and pick up the pieces of me
Overwhelmed by greed

I stood alone for so long
Grieving when our day could once be strong
And then I find someone else
so here you are, trying to take me off of yourself

I run away - run away
from your indecisive ways
I tend to ignore - to ignore
what we had and what I thought we'd be
Your unpredictability
It comes and it sickens me
She said that she'd be a star
I said you might fall too hard

Love and lust - destroying trust
Now you feel so alone...
If love is like a suicide,
Our memories ache in your bones

It's raining needles again,
and she's telling me to try once more
The stinging feeling of my lust
I turn to flesh out this world of dust

I run away - run away
from your indecisive ways
I tend to ignore - to ignore
what we had and what I thought we'd be
I don't want to play the fool,
I just knew you weren't the one
She said that she'd be a star
I said you might fall too hard
Track Name: The Jazzertrooper
The Paratrooper

verse 1:

Dangling from a wire, while the Iron Bird of fire plunges down.
Chute flies open, only seconds mediate a certain doom.
The light will soon turn into darkness.
The silence of the landing soon will be a raging bloody hell.

verse 2:

Silence turns to shouting, and the sky is soon illuminated bright.
Run for cover, as the mortars rain down with their vicious might.
Nowhere to turn to, nowhere to run.
now the Paratroopers must press on and fight!


Blood spots on the metal floor, red light's on above the door
Screaming Eagles waging war.
We've come to send you back to Hell, to avenge our friends who fell,
Victory, towards which we soar.

verse 3:

The Earth is shaking, as our iron bombers have now taken flight
The flames are rising as the buildings crumble swiftly out of sight.
Nowhere to turn to, nowhere to run.
now the Paratroopers must press on and fight!
Track Name: Agony In Grey
Here we go now, into my dominion,
Scattered visions, sealed in your jaded contradiction
My mind is tired and my body oh so weary,
but I know change will come
as seasons follow theory

If I were to wait another useless year,
I would come closer
to the man I truly fear
To each his own,
but I am drawing to my end,
no more the bitter taste,
my dry mouth often send.

chorus 1:

Cause my hand is growing weak,
but there's still so much to prove.
Is this my final step?
There's still so much I can lose.

verse 2:

Another needless war in my head,
thinking to myself
what I should have done or said instead
Just one too many extremities today,
from purest pleasure to agony in grey

The cracks in which all has been written,
this length I remain sitting
And you must remind me again I am forgetful,
Of this change for the better...
into something wonderful

chorus 2:

I feel there's plenty to say,
don't leave me here like this
Up in emotion like lies,
and walls of misery

chorus 3:

But I'm still waiting here
in the absence of lust
I want to try another day,
one more chance spinning in the wheel.
Track Name: Wrapped In Graceless Disbelief
Tearing off my face in two directions
Another vagrant lying on the floor
Diminished anguish finds its new home
Alleviate the pain inside my sores

One last break... of agony
Tells a tale... of killing me

Bastard insomnia curses my wake
Writing words upon a faded page
The whipping boy plans his due escape
Burn the eyes of the holy sage

Another redline murder
One more carpe diem
A zen, satiable to all

I couldn't squeeze another ounce from this ache
Tell me again, how much more before I break
Track Name: The Passive Oblivion
There is that sullen feeling crawling in the black
The rise of ill temperament comes hither up my back
The sliding up inside could direct a comatose
Sit inside the darkness and experience this corrosive

Come inside and try to kill this pride
Find insignificance of a decaying mind
Concentrate and attempt to filtrate
Grip onto this makeshift god sign

I cannot bring together the falling piece of mind
Sometimes I swear I feel a pacing grind
There is a slithering of new man-made disease
This world's a bitter pill where silence is all we need

I think that I'm a bit, slipped out of place
Don't let me go in this state of discomfort
And I can't die tonight, tomorrow brings a cure for this misery

But I'm the only one cursed with remembering all this past time
I know what comes tomorrow, these days ahead are mine
Track Name: Osaka Woman
To see you.
I'll travel all the way across my convoluted existence
It doesn't matter, 
the distance between two points in space
Is the place we'll meet.
Somewhere in Namba, Den Den town, 
we'll stop the traffic in the street.
Udon and takuyaki are what we'll eat.
We'll have the whole world on their feet.
We'll look down on the bay at night, 
and count the shooting stars.
We'll catch the fireflies 
and let them go. Oh.

Osaka woman, I'm in love , don't you know.
Itsu demo ii. Doko demo ii da yo. Honma ni kirei.
kono e wa mireba, anata dake wa hoshii.
kimi ga kureba issho ni kisu suru tsumori da. 
Tanomu wa. Kisu shitai. oh!

To see you. 
I'll take the express, from Kyoto.
We can take the train to Shiruhama.
Pack okonomiyaki and drink the sake.
Relax in a hot spring, chill at the beach.
Watermelon o tabemasho ka? I've got the hammer.
Everything is at our reach.

(c) (last time)
Osaka woman, I'm in love , don't you know.
Itsu demo ii. Doko demo ii da yo. Honma ni kirei.
kono e wa mireba, anata dake wa hoshii.
kimi ga kureba issho ni kisu suru tsumori da. 
Tanomu wa.
Track Name: Life Without You
A chill went up my spine on that warm summer night
The autumn was closing in, two separate stories were about to begin
You were heading to the west coast, I was headed to the east
We knew the moment arrived that we both wished for the least.

Life without you's going fine
What was yours was never mine
All these tears I used to cry
Think about you all the time

The night we went our separate ways
I couldn't visualize for days
What we could have been, oh my
But life without you's going fine.

I could only see the sadness in your eyes, and I suppose that you saw the
We couldn't bear to say our goodbyes, It isn't fair when fates to blame.
The minutes few by oh so fast, we talked about the prom and senior dance
Homecoming we were so high, and then your flight arrived and we said good