Red Label (Acoustic EP vol. 1)

by Yuki Yuki Yasumi



Features new acoustic recordings of songs from over the years, as well as ones that will be upcoming on future albums!

Download includes full lyrics, lyrics desktop background, plus high quality images of the disc and liner notes.

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released November 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Yuki Yuki Yasumi Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sometimes funky, Japanese-influenced electronic dance metal ready to slaughter your eardrums with shiny guitar riffs, wailin' vocals, and catchy-ass "Yukibeats". Love love para headbang high energy explosion rhythm!

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Track Name: Anata No Ichiban
Let it be known, trust ya' as far as can be thrown, but I don't want to be alone.
Let it be now, never on the prowl, so you won't have to cry foul. I'm Thinking out loud
About rapid eye movement, the reason for exasperation. My inspiration,
Is wrung to the point of dehydration.
I want you, but you don't know we co-exist.
Only in my mind, I see the chances missed.

I might not be, the guy that you're looking for,
It's a possibility that I'm so much more.
The time will come when I stop your heart, ドキドキ.
The moon will shine, and then it's nighty night, poki poki.

Wake up, break out, not a front, nor a fake out.
it's about time we get together and make out.
Going to your room, getting in your bed, ending up on the floor.
I'll give you just what you're looking for.

Let it be mine, holding out for the big time, when you should just chill, and let it unwind.
Let it be real, I believe in how I feel, but I'm silenced by your sexy appeal.
I'm vitamin crushing so deeply. Shying away so sheepishly. Even though I'm the triple Y, Yuki Yuki Yasumi. 
Here I am baby, I'm your tool, you can use me. Pick me back up, I want to let you abuse me.

I'm not your dream, apparition. So get rid of your superstition.
I'm not your illusion, まぼろしい, so let me be your reality.
Track Name: View
Take me where I belong
Back when nothing felt so wrong
In the silence of an ice age

Among the face of familiar kin
Deliverance inside the wind
Life and the future - but mystery

I feel the shame that is placed upon the back of my own lore
(...and still I wait)
Crystal eyes tell me what it is that I still struggle for
( carry on)

Right me all that I have wronged
Undo reason for this song
Kill the noise inside my head

Shut this off and I will weep
For I'm not what you do seek
Kill me now or erase my mind

Lights don't spare time at all
I keep watching my befall
Glowing green hue drives me mad
Still I wander, still I'm sad

Where is beauty in deep warmth?
In the darkness of a storm
Crushing me, all I ensue
Catacombs of solitude
Track Name: Junk
I feel the cool summer night clamor the beat of my heart.
Might it be the start of a new beginning. Or just a passing thought.
I'll never be a work of art, weather beaten and tattered,
hiding the character I lack. All that I lack.
Exposed for all to see what I am, who I am, everyone knows me, and how my
life should be, except for me.
If I could cash in on the knowledge of the universe, I would probably
remained vexed and perplex my mind forever...

intoxicated... let these spores open the doors to the fears we won't explore.
In the end we all die never to get an explanation of why,
and in minds To blind to realize that of lives are merely what they are.
Merely who we are. what we are.

I don't want to be the object of an addict's obsession,
Or to bear the burden of her dark confessions.
She lies to herself much louder than she could ever lie to me.
She displays her agony for everyone to see.
Exposed for all to feel, the evils of the world that shouldn't be.
If I could escape the cage in which I chose to dwell.
I could probably find resolve from this living hell.

I'm so alone here. But there's no where to turn around.
Just stop and let me hit the ground.

I feel the cold winter night, freezing the heat of my breath.
Might it be the continuation of a suspended state of death.
Six more months encased in an acceptance of lies. Hiding the character I
lack. The spine that I lack. It cracks.
Exposed for only me to see. What I am, who I am, everyone would hate me,
if I decided to be who I want to be.
If I could cash in and leave it all behind forever right now. I'd just be
destined to relive the past forever.

俺 の 内 に 行けない 心 が すき じゃ ない。
今 あんた に ほんと 返りたい よ。 
I want to grow, but you'll never let me go.
Track Name: Life Without You
A chill went up my spine on that warm summer night.
The autumn was rolling in, two separate worlds about to begin.
I was headed to the west, you were headed to the east.
We knew the moment arrived which we both wished for the least.

Life without you's going fine.
What was yours was never mine.
All these tears I used to cry, think about you all the time.
The night we went our separate ways,
I couldn't visualize for days.
What we could have been, oh my,
but life without you's going fine.

I could only see the sadness in you eyes,
and I suppose that you saw the same.
There were so many chances to say our goodbyes,
it isn't fair when fate's to blame.
The minutes flew by oh so face.
We talked about how we'd used to dance.
Homecoming, we were so high,
then your flight arrived and we said goodbye.
Track Name: Every Tear That You Wipe Away
I couldn't help but to be senseless
In the moment of your distress.
Sometimes It's so hard to find the words to say.
If I'd have know I'd been so selfish
I might have saw you drowning helpless
But, I wasn't the one there to save the day.

It's now obvious, I see
Your eyes belong to him, not me.
But if you ever change your mind
You'll know where I'll be.

Diving for every tear that you wipe away.
Waiting to catch you when you fall
If shall ever come the day.
Standing by every moment that you slip away.
Won't make the same mistakes again
If you ever come my way.

It's true that my thoughts were careless.
This vanity makes me powerless.
I thought that a song could sweep you away.
When all you wanted was my presence
I was infatuated by your essence
But, I wasn't there for you day by day.

I'm hoping and waiting
Despite the fact that despair consumes me.
Looking for answers
Despite the fact that I am getting nowhere.
I'm looking for answers
In all the wrong places.
Somehow I'm still convinced
That you'll come back when you see me... (fall).
Track Name: Ennui
Although, their world was filled with hate
There was, the single heart of one
These eyes, to see's to fear the pain
And she... will never live again

In the land of the perished ones
Live the souls, of the universe
With a journey, to find their fate
One more world, like the one before

She - no way, could feel - his love
And we - all know, these things - unknown
So lost - and hidden,
what should have been - once embraced
Come the dawn, of a new life...
...for the souls, so damned, by thee...

Outside, all's seen is only front
And life, is but a dreamer's youth
Too real, as what is filled so thin
And lies... will never live again

Why - oh why? Could we not - believe?
As our minds - do unequal
And unbalanced - so inane
So much dogma - for we humans
Are unopened - insecure
Why we bother - with existence
When forever - we're unknown