Kitsune Udon

from by Yuki Yuki Yasumi



Night time. If I snack after midnight, I'm gonna have bad dreams. Dreams so bad, it'll make
me scream.
It's hard to recuperate from a cold sweet, from a lost bet, heavy pet till the futon is wet.
It's the only action you'll get.
She might be refined, processed, preserved, but never canned.
She might spoil if kept overnight, but I don't care I want to be her man.
She's unpasteurized, just how I like it. She's fertilizer and hormone free.
Would you hold the tofu?

Oh... Kitsune Udon,
She's my spicy won-ton
She's got the special sauces that'll get me through the night.

Somethings I don't fully understand, somethings I don't fully recognize.
It's hard to concentrate on anything, with that school girl uniform skirt pulled up above
your thighs.
She might be a Yakuza, I can tell by her missing pinky and by her dragon tattoo,
She might be a Triad, I see her driving the fish truck round town, she might be into voodoo.
Would you hold the noodles?

Oh... Kitsune Udon,
She's my spicy won-ton
She's got that side order of yakitori that'll get me through the night.

She might be a Jersey Devil, or a New York Ranger, or Osaka woman, I'm in love...
Itsu demo ii yo... an homage to camel toe... whatever way the sin blows, nothing really
Can you hold the Bonito Flakes?

Oh... Kitsune Udon,
She's my spicy won-ton
I've got the squeeze bottle of mayonnaise that'll get her through the night.
Oh... tokimeki,
She's my spicy kimchi,
Sore wa chitsu da that'll get me through the night.


from Live 2010, released February 14, 2015
Original version appears on Tsundere (2014)



all rights reserved


Yuki Yuki Yasumi Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sometimes funky, Japanese-influenced electronic dance metal ready to slaughter your eardrums with shiny guitar riffs, wailin' vocals, and catchy-ass "Yukibeats". Love love para headbang high energy explosion rhythm!

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