The Jade Dew

from by Yuki Yuki Yasumi



Why do you say.... say such heavy things...
You say, "please don't forget me," and I bubble with the deepest

From this point on,
We can just whisk these thoughts to a midori hue,
Yes, that is just what we should do.

You can pretend to pick my sorrows, but please realize... that your,

"I'm sorries”, they hung me out to dry.

The Jade Dew, now I know.
I'll be undone, when you show
That your smile, it's not for me.
Not in your arms, yet never free.

So I go, So I go far into... ore no maboroshii koi...
gyokuro wo nome... wasurenaide kudasai. Kore shitto no iro... shitto

no ero...

You can pretend to be a friend, but please realize... that forever

in my head... I'll be longing...

To try once more? No, I can't. Now that I know,
You refused to see...
Your smile, was not for me.
Not in your arms
Never for me....

The Jade Dew, this crimson dawn.
I'm left undone, now that you're gone.
The love in your eyes, was never for me,
I'll never forget...


from Tsundere, released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Yuki Yuki Yasumi Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sometimes funky, Japanese-influenced electronic dance metal ready to slaughter your eardrums with shiny guitar riffs, wailin' vocals, and catchy-ass "Yukibeats". Love love para headbang high energy explosion rhythm!

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