Anata No Ichiban (Wake Up Bake Out Mix)

from by Yuki Yuki Yasumi



Let it be known, trust ya' as far as can be thrown, but I don't want to be alone.
Let it be now, never on the prowl, so you won't have to cry foul. I'm thinking out loud
About rapid eye movement, the reason for exasperation. My inspiration,
Is wrung to the point of dehydration.
I want you, but you don't know we co-exist.
Only in my mind, I see the chances missed.

I might not be, the guy that you're looking for,
It's a possibility that I'm so much more.
The time will come when I stop your heart, doki dokiドキドキ.
The moon will shine, and then it's nighty-night, poki poki.

Konbon boku ni anata no ichiban wo narasaseru.
Doryoku suru noni anata ga kirai.

Wake up, break out, not a front, nor a fake out.
it's about time we get together and make out.
Going to your room, getting in your bed, ending up on the floor.
I'll give you just what you're looking for.

Let it be mine, holding out for the big time, when you should just chill, and let it unwind.
Let it be real, I believe in how I feel, but I'm silenced by your sexy appeal.
I'm vitamin crushing so deeply. Shying away so sheepishly.
Even though I'm the triple Y, Yuki Yuki Yasumi. 
Here I am baby, I'm your tool, you can use me. Pick me back up, I want to let you abuse me.

I'm not your dream, apparition. So get rid of your superstition.
I'm not your illusion, maboroshii まぼろしい, so let me be your reality.


from Free EP, released February 14, 2015
Original version appears on Tsundere (2014)




Yuki Yuki Yasumi Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sometimes funky, Japanese-influenced electronic dance metal ready to slaughter your eardrums with shiny guitar riffs, wailin' vocals, and catchy-ass "Yukibeats". Love love para headbang high energy explosion rhythm!

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